Training for New Dependency Court Counsel

CAI's Grant to Provide Live Training for New Dependency Court Counsel Comes to a Conclusion; Online Training Still Available

With funding from the Children’s Justice Act, awarded by the California Emergency Management Agency, the University of San Diego School of Law’s Children’s Advocacy Institute offered a total of six 20-hour MCLE training sessions during the three-year period of 2007-09 for attorneys who are practicing in Juvenile Dependency Court and have been doing so for one year or less, or who are considering practicing in this field. During that time, CAI provided hundreds of attorneys with the unique opportunity to receive in-depth training, education, and practice tips specifically related to Dependency Court practice.

Each program featured a panel discussion led by veteran attorneys representing the county, the parent, and the child, discussing each of the major hearings from their unique perspectives, and provided strategy, practice hints and suggestions. They also included perspectives on trial advocacy and evidentiary issues from some of the leading experts in the nation. And they addressed some of the main areas identified by Dependency Court counsel as appropriate for additional training, including mental health issues, child development, and substance abuse issues — and much more. Taught by leading professionals in the child welfare field, this comprehensive training session ensured that attorneys appearing in Dependency Court are properly prepared for the extremely important, unique, and challenging work in which they are engaged.

Videotaped segments of CAI's 2007 20-hour program are available for viewing on CAI's website.

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Watch Videotaped Segments from the 2007 Program

The 2007 sessions were held in San Diego on November 9–11, 2007, and in Sacramento on December 5–7, 2007. The San Diego segments were videotaped and are now available for online viewing, as are the handouts for those segments.

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What did attorneys say after attending the CAI's Dependency Counsel Training Programs?

  • "One of the best seminars I’ve seen in 15 years. Very well organized! Impressive.”
  • "Exceptionally well-done.”
  • "The whole training was worth giving up the 3-day weekend!”
  • "This was an outstanding training. I am sorry more people from my office didn’t come — it would have been extremely beneficial.”
  • "All of the training was very engaging as well as informative.”
  • "Excellent program. Well-run and extremely informative.”
  • "This was a very good program. Written materials were extremely helpful.”
  • "The use of a vignette and walking through it hearing by hearing with each party giving their concerns and assessment was very very useful. An excellent way to ensure that the training is relevant to day to day practice.”

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