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Our nation is at a crossroads.
This does not bode well for our children and youth, whose interests are commonly
disregarded and undervalued by our policymakers — even in stable times.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that our children have a
strong, passionate voice to protect and promote their interests.

Help Us Help Kids!

Your support of the Children's Advocacy Institute will enable us to:

• aggressively defend against any proposed dismantling or disinvestment of crucial child-related programs;

• advocate against the imposition of long-term debt on future generations for limited, short-term gain; and

• ensure that children's interests are zealously represented before policymakers at the state and federal levels.



About the Children's Advocacy Institute (CAI)

  • CAI is one of the nation's premiere academic, research, and advocacy organizations working to improve the lives of all children and youth at both the state and federal levels.
  • For over 25 years, CAI has organized and chaired the Children’s Advocates Roundtable, a network of nearly 200 statewide and regional child policy organizations representing over twenty issue disciplines, to give children an influential voice in Sacramento.
  • CAI has a solid track record of successfully engaging in impact litigation, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and public education campaigns aimed at improving the health and well-being of children and youth in every aspect of their lives.
  • For the past several years, CAI has been a strong and passionate voice for children and youth in Washington D.C., leading the call for better federal oversight of child welfare laws and enhanced resources for transition age foster youth, among other things.
  • CAI has educated and trained generations of law students to represent children in the legislature, in the courts, and in front of administrative bodies.

Help Us Help Kids!

CAI's ability to represent the interests of children and youth before policymakers at the state and federal levels is essential now more than ever. We need your support in order to continue to be a passionate and tireless voice for our children.

Together, we will strive to make America great — for childrenagain.

Thank you!

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